Brianna Miyakee

Visuals .

Enjoy an exclusive preview with these selection of photos from my latest shoots!

Consideration .

The stated donations are for my time only. What transpires between us should stay between us. I prefer longer engagements allowing us to get to know each other more intimately.

A Night on The Town

6 hours ... $3300

Dinner with Dessert
4 Hours ... $2800

Intimately Yours
3 Hours ... $2400

Business Lunch
2 Hours ... $2000

Breaking the Ice
90 Minutes ... $1,600

A Brief Hello
One Hour ... $1400

Couples minimum 2 Hrs, add $500 per hour

Extension $1000 per hour!

Overnights and longer arrangements:

- I love to travel and welcome the opportunity to accompany you on a mini vacation or business trip.

- Please inquire for exclusive arrangements.

- All engagements require a deposit to secure our time together.


For West Coast and Southern City booking, a minimum of 14 hours is required. As for East Coast, a minimum of 6 hours is required. A 100% deposit for my transportation & lodging plus a 50% deposit of my donation is due at the time of booking.

Quoted rate does not include my transportation (business or first class roundtrip flight or comfort plus) and lodging (4 or 5-star hotel) costs. I book all transportation and lodging myself. You may book our lodging if it is an overnight/multi-day engagement.

14 Hours |  5000

24 Hours | 7000

48 Hours | 12000

Overnights require a minimum uninterrupted sleep of 6-7 hours so I can be the best version of myself.

Etiquette .

Let’s get off on the right note. To ensure our time together is as carefree and enjoyable as possible please adhere to these simple requests.

1. Use either my website or email to properly introduce yourself and supply all screening information.

2. Respect my time and boundaries as I will yours.

3. Please arrive freshly showered with minty clean breath or feel free to use whatever facilities we have to accomplish that.

4. My time is valuable as is yours and should you like to extend our date please make sure we’re both free to do so and take care of all details beforehand.

5. Please do not arrive under the influence of any drugs or alcohol as this will cause me to end our date immediately.

Spoil Me .

Gift are not expected, but are a lovely way of showing your appreciation and will go a long way in making an impression!

If you need some ideas, here are some of my favorite things:

1. Chanel earrings

2. Chanel hoop earring

Bookings .

If you’ve made it this far looks like you decided to get together and I’m glad you have.

Please fill in my booking form below, or send a discreet email to introducing yourself and stating your desired day, time, place and length of our time together.

All new suitors need to be verified and a deposit paid prior to scheduling our date.

Verification process can either be:

1. References from two providers you’ve seen recently that have an online presence. Along with a selfie of yourself holding your state ID and your cell phone number.

2. Job verification that would include your company website, your work email, your LinkedIn account, a selfie of you holding your state ID and cell phone number.

These measures are done for both our safety and all information will be deleted once this process is completed and we can just concentrate on enjoying each other’s company.

I look forward to meeting you!

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TOURING 2023! .

Stay tuned on this page for my upcoming tours and latest availability!

June Adventures:

Raleigh June 3-5

Charlotte June 6-8

Nashville June 8-10